P-51D Mustang – part 5

After sorting the little misshap it was time to mask and paint some areas with another metal tone.

The tape removed!

After some more masking and painting black and red was added selected areas.

As can be seen I’ve sanded a bit on the spine, and also on the underside. After some re-paint it looked like this!

It’s easy to get wear on the already painted areas. I’ll sort a few more and then it’s time to sort the camo.

Newly arrived – 5th of july 2023

I got this in a parcel today. My little package from Eduard.

This means I’m now a member of Eduards Bunny Fighter club.
Under the Mighty Eighth box is an overtree box for the Mustang and I also got a set of etched parts.

With the order I also got a nice beer glass!

P-51D Mustang – part 4

I’ve started painting the wings and other areas that should have painted aluminium colour.

I must accidently have touched something when handling the plane. Trying to sort it with the paint still wet perhaps wasn’t the best idea.

I have do redo that later and once dry I can start masking for the other metal colour.

P-51D Mustang – part 3

I glued the canopy glass to the frame and painted the front rim black.

Then a few parts got interior colour painted.

The pilot was touched up and glued in place, as well as the sight glass (again).

The canopy was masked and glued in place.

There’s a small gap between the canopy and the front glass. Partly caused by me as I wanted the glass to fit flush with the rear slope on the frame.
I’ll sort the gap with plastic stripes.

Next up is primer.

P-51D Mustang “Man O War” – part 2

The wings and stabilizers went on very well and only needed just a little putty to look alright.

I painted the prop blades and canopy frame black.

As the sight was missing (I lost it somehow), I had to make a replacement lookalike.

Then paint it and put it in place.

Looking at the pic I noticed a few mistakes that I need to sort by masking and repainting.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to use the pilot or try to do seat belts. I started painting the pilot. But sitting up late painting figures while tired wasn’t good. I have to do a bit of touch up on the pilot as well.

I did a mock up with the pilot in place.

Might work if I get the pilot painted properly.

P-51D Mustang “Man O War” – Hasegawa 1/32

I started this build for a WW2 based group build on Facebook.
It’s an old kit and it is quite noticable.

It all start with the engine and cockpit.

Then some work with injection pin marks.

IP painted black and guns painted black metal, and more prep made.

Some parts was painted aluminium and some with interior green.

The guns and ammo was assembled to their bays.

IP got some dry brushing and cockpit was painted as some other parts.

Cockpit and engine was installed and fuselage halves was glued together.

The spinner and the tip of the propeller blades was painted.

Here are all the parts, more or less ready for assembly.

Next I’ll paint the propeller blades and tires, and start assembling as much as I can.
The fit on this kit isn’t the best but not the worst either. Totally buildable though.