Flak gun painted.

This is one of the objects I’ve tried my new airbrush on. I think it went fairly well, and this is how the gun looks.

Panzer grey painted.
Panzer grey painted.
Tires painted.
Tires painted.

Now I only need to assemble it, and do some dirtying down.

Krupp Protze – cutting a bit on the driver figure.

The figure I got was supposed to have one hand on the wheel and one on a open door and leaning out a bit as if looking for someone. No doors on this vehicle, and the other arm didn’t quite fit with the position of the steering wheel. Instead of discarding the figure, I decided to make some surgery, and also move the left arm upwards a bit.

Undergoing arm surgery.
The right arm cut in half, and I also took away a bit on the body to change the angle a bit.
Upper part of the arm glued.
Upper part of the arm glued.
Shoulder puttied.
I had to fill the shoulder with some putty, as well on a few other places on the figure.

Now I need to try and fit the arm with the wheel and figure in place.

The decal for the rear plate is in place.

Rear plate letters in place.
Rear plate letters in place.

It’s easy to see that the decal wasn’t meant for that plate, but it was the only one I got. Once dry I’ll cut it to fit the plate. Then I probably will add some dirt to the plate and the rear end to cover up at least parts of the plate, making the error less visible.

Krupp Protze – driver figure.

I’ve assembled the main body and arms on the figure, and in order to seat him, I had to cut of the steering wheel. It’s pretty clear that the driver is made for an entirely different vehicle, and I’m not sure I can make him fit unless I do some surgery.

He’s leaning quite a bit, maybe he’s adjusting the rear mirror or something. Not sure what to do yet!

Krupp Protze – decals and driver figure.

As I’m having trouble with my airbrush, I can’t continue with the gun (for now). Instead I decided to put on the decals. Not many decals to apply, but as I discovered when I was putting on the decals for the front plate, they wasn’t for this vehicle. I decided to use what I can, and have to cut some to fit.

Adding decals to the front side.
As can be seen, the decal is to large.
Adding decals to the rear side
The rear side had to have the plated coted in white first.

I had to paint the rear plate and will cut the decal so it fits later.

The driver figure to the kit was gone, but a friend sent my one. Very greatful for that!

Driver in plastic bag.
Driver in plastic bag

Cleaning up and assembly started. I hope I can make him fit behind the wheel.

Driver figure being assembled
Cleaning up and assembly started

Krupp Protze build update and PAK35/36

The whole vehicle got a clear cote in preparation for decals.

Clear coted vehicle
Clear coted.

Then the wheels was mounted. A bit fiddly, escpecially in the front as the wheels a pushed on to the cap inside the hub.

Wheels mounted
Wheels mounted

Then stuff like head lights and rear mirrors was glued in place. I accidently broke one part and have to glue it later. I think I call the equipment done. I still have to paint some tools.

Small stuff mounted and equipment painted.
Small stuff mounted and equipment painted.

I also got a PAK35/36 gun that I plan to hook on the rear hook.

PAK35 gun contents
PAK35 gun contents

No figures included and as it is going to hang on the rear of the vehicle none are needed.
I’ve started cleaning up parts and doing some assembly.

Gun assembly start
Assembly start

I think it will be done pretty fast. Just need to assemble some more and then start painting, before final assembly.

New colours and a small uppdate on the Krupp Protze

Long overdue update. I’ve got my set of much needed interior colors for US aircraft. It helps a lot to have ready accessable colours to paint with.

US Aircraft interior colour set
Hopefully correct interior colours

The Krupp Protze build have progressed a bit. I’ve repainted the exhaust pipes and mufflers, and added some rust colour. I’ll do more with weathering later.
The tires are almost done and I’ve glued the flatbed on the chassis. All that is missing is the tires, front glass and some equipment. Then on to decals and weathering.

Body and chassies glued together
Almost done!

Time to finish painting some equipment and other small stuff.

Krupp Protze – a minor update

When I was about to put the flatbed in place, I realised that I’ve put the towbar and hooks upside down. Using ethyl acetate and minor violenced, I managed to pry the parts away. And after some cleaning up I could put the parts back as they should.

Towbar and hooks pryed away.
Towbar and hooks pryed away.
and glued back the right way
And glued back the right way.

I’ve also sorted a few of the things that is supposed to lay in the flatbed compartment. But first they need some paint.

Some parts prepared for paint.
Some parts prepared for paint.

The MG and rifle was missing, and I’m guessing the former owner of the kit have taken them along with the driver, who also is missing.
Perhaps I can find a rifle and a MG that I can use, from my spares box.

Krupp Protze – frame assembly and some painting

The frame is done and ready for the other parts like hood, cabin and flatbed.

Frame assembly.
Frame assembly.

The exhaust pipe looks a tad bit red. Something I need to adjust with some weathering later.

The flatbed was first painted dark grey and then I added some thinned dark brown in an attempt to make it look like worn wooden planks.

The flatbed painted.
The flatbed painted.

I will do some dry brushing with different shades of grey and the seats will be painted in khaki.

Krupp Protze – more building and some painting

I started assembling the rear compartment/flatbed, which was quite straightforward. A few pieces left to glue when the pic was taken.

The rear compartment
The rear compartment.

Exhaust pipes and front wheel suspension was assembled.

Front axle and exhaust pipes.
Front axle and exhaust pipes.

From the start I intended to build as much as possible before painting, but I realised I had to paint some parts in different colors to be able to assemble it without having to try and paint details where it’s hard to reach. So on with some dark grey.

dark grey painted
Most of the parts painted in dark grey

Next I’ll paint some more, and hopefully also start assembling.

Krupp Protze – Tamiya 1/35

I bought this kit 2nd hand at a build meet a few months ago. My intention was to start building it there, but I didn’t get very far. With the Virago underway and waiting for the wings to set, I decided to do something on this kit.

First some pics on the box and the contents.

Included in the kit was one PAK 35/36 gun and one conversion set. I haven’t decided if I’m gonna use the conversion set yet.

I started building the frame and engine. I’ll assemble as much as I can before painting. The interior and front was also assembled and the bottom and sides for the flatbed was prepared with some putty. Have to sand that later.

Next I’ll continue assembling the frame, boogies, and flatbed.