MiG-29 Fulcrum A – Revell 1/144

This is a kit I’m building for a group build or SIG for MiG planes. I choose this as a kind of warm up. So far it has taken a bit longer than anticipated.

MiG-29 boxart
MiG-29 boxart.
Sprue 1
Sprue 1.
Sprue 2
Sprue 2
Sprue 3.
Sprue 3

As can be seen in the instructions it is not many steps and the build was fairly quick. The fit was fairly good, except for the nose which had a slight step that needed some TLC. Also the intakes needed a bit of putty and sanding as well as the underside of the wing joints.

Fuselage and wings assembled
Fuselage and wings assembled.

Someone else on the forum was building the same kit from another boxing, and he pointed out that there was a quite prominent detail missing.
After checking pics on the net I tried to sculpt something that looked like whatever it is on top of the nose.

While painting white on some parts for another kit, I painted the missiles.

Missiles painted.

I’ve asked if a friend of mine can use his CAD skills to create a seat, and then hopefully another friend can do one on his printer.

Fw190F-8 – prepping parts for paint and assembly.

It kinda started with the engine parts, that are next more or less. Quite a lot of flash in some places like between the cylinders.
One strange thing is that the instructions tells you to cut away a bit of sprue between each cylinder. But after looking at pics there is actually something between each cylinder, so I might just have left it as it was.

Cleaning up engine parts.
Cleaning up engine parts.

For some reason I continued cleaning up more parts like bombs and flaps. I’ve also glued the bombs and the drop tank.

more cleaning up and assembling.
More cleaning up and assembling.

Next I’ll start to paint the engine parts in different metal colours, and then all parts that need it in RLM02.

Fw190F-8 – cockpit done and fuselage glued.

I painted all the dials and some details black, then I tried to pick out details with a fine brush, but ended up dry brushing first with grey and finally with white on the dials. Finally I added a drop of Pledge on each dial.

Cockpit parts painted RLM 66.
Cockpit parts painted RLM 66.
Instrument details painted.
Instrument details painted.

I also did a bit of wear with gun metal.

Then the fuselage was glued together. Pretty easy except for the front bit which I had to hold a while to make it set.
According to the instructions the cockpit could be inserted after the body halves was glued. Well, it wasn’t an easy task, but after some fiddling it came into place, at least I hope it sits where it should.
Of course the front seam opened up during the operation. Have to glue that later.

fuselage glued.
Fuselage glued.
from behind.
from behind.

Next I’ll sand and eventually fill the seams and make them smooth and nice.
The only problem is the rivet detail. The raised rivet will disappear. Unsure if I should just let it be like that or remove all rivets and remake them with a riveteer. Quite a task, that I’m not sure I want to do.

Fw190F-8 – Revell 1/32 old kit.

For the groupbuild on LSP, I choosed this kit for the eastern front. The kit is pretty old, but I think some parts are newer. I’ve bought the kit 2nd hand and have no box other than the one it was sent in.

Kit contents.
Kit contents.

I haven’t decided yet if I’ll do SG 4 or SG 10. It depends a bit if I feel confident enough to try paint the mottle pattern with airbrush.
Anyway, I’ve started slightly by cleaning up and assembling the cockpit parts and the fuselage halves, as they’re needed as soon as I get the cockpit done.

Build start.
Build start

As usual in these old kits the pilot and cockpit isn’t the very best and I haven’t decided if I’ll use the pilot or not, yet. Maybe I’ll do to cover the lack of detail in the cockpit.

As the plane will be sitting on the ground, the rear wheel will be down, and after testing I figured it could be inserted afterwards.

Next I’ll start painting the cockpit and the pilot, and other areas that needs paint before assembly.

I’ve also started to clean up the engine parts, but no pics yet as there was quite a bit of flash.