MiG-29 Fulcrum A – Revell 1/144

This is a kit I’m building for a group build or SIG for MiG planes. I choose this as a kind of warm up. So far it has taken a bit longer than anticipated.

MiG-29 boxart
MiG-29 boxart.
Sprue 1
Sprue 1.
Sprue 2
Sprue 2
Sprue 3.
Sprue 3

As can be seen in the instructions it is not many steps and the build was fairly quick. The fit was fairly good, except for the nose which had a slight step that needed some TLC. Also the intakes needed a bit of putty and sanding as well as the underside of the wing joints.

Fuselage and wings assembled
Fuselage and wings assembled.

Someone else on the forum was building the same kit from another boxing, and he pointed out that there was a quite prominent detail missing.
After checking pics on the net I tried to sculpt something that looked like whatever it is on top of the nose.

While painting white on some parts for another kit, I painted the missiles.

Missiles painted.

I’ve asked if a friend of mine can use his CAD skills to create a seat, and then hopefully another friend can do one on his printer.

SU-34 Fullback Fighter bomber- build start.

I bought this kit on a meeting earlier this year, and it’s been lying in the stash calling for my attention, and now it’s time to start the build.
I need to order a colour set for the Fullback fighter, so I have the colours I need once I get that far.

Big box with plenty of parts.
Big box with plenty of parts

The box is filled with parts and will make a pretty big bird once it’s built.
As in many kits it starts out with the cockpit. I started with the seats and the bottom of the pit tub. Also had to fold a piece of photo etch (pe), which went fairly well as I’m not used to handle etched parts.

Bottom of the cockpit.
First steps of the pit tub.

The seats was pretty easy to assemble, and looks pretty good for being kit seats.

Seats and tub.
Seats and most of the tub parts assembled.

Getting parts ready for paint, but as my airbrush doesn’t work as it should, painting have to wait a while. Looks like there are several sub-assemblies I can do without having to paint. Fun kit and good detail so far.