MiG-21PF – part 2

It seems like I’ve forgot to update the progress of this build.

I painted the engine parts.

Then the engine was assembled.

Not much that will be seen!

Instrument panels added.

Nose weight added,

As I was missing a colour, this was how far I got before my trip to the weekend build meet.

Time to do some of the small parts that needs to be done anyway.

Ejection seat painted.

Missiles and stuff painted.

Once I got the right colour for the wheel wells, I could assemble the plane.

Then it got some paint.

Time to paint the underside and then add some more colour variations.

MiG-21PF – Eduard 1/48

I needed a kit for a 48th SIG on Flory Models forum and this one was more or less the first one I found, not counting my Memphis Belle or SR-71 kits. Since the SIG group build ends on may 31th I don’t feel I have time for one of those larger projects, so Eduard Weekend Edition seemed appropriate.

I started assembling parts to the cockpit, engine and main gear well.

Those things will need to have paint quite early on, so that will be what’s up next. Starting with the cockpit and fuselage sides.

So far so good, but I need to figure what colour to use in the wheel bays. Instructions says either interior green or interior grey green. Looking at pics makes it even more confusing.
On some it seems to be a greyish colour, on some more like a pale zinc chromate colour and actually on some it seems to be interior green. Looks like I have to ask around!