Citroën traction 11CV w/7 Luftwaffe crew figures – Tamiya 1/48

I talked with a friend of mine and he showed me the dio he was working on, and in it there was this Citroën, that I thought looked quite nice. I checked the hobby shop and found this set with car and crew. I thought it could fit well in a dio with a plane.

I started building it on the build weekend the other week. Except for some glimpses in other pics I seem to have forgotten to take proper pics.
So I took a pic of what I had done so far.

I had problems painting with the clear cote at the meeting and it didn’t turn out as I had hoped.
I layed another cote today that is just slightly better.

Hopefully I can polish away some of the blemishes once the paint have cured properly.

Meanwhile I’ll start painting the figures.

My intention is to create a dio with the Fw190 I’m building.

Fw190A-3 – update 3

The parts inside the canopy was assembled.

Tires, gears and some other small parts was painted.

The propeller was masked and painted aluminium.

Then the propeller and hub was assembled.

I made the shoulder belts and glued and painted the sight glass.

Next will be to sort some of the seams, glue the front window and the canopy.
Hopefully I can start priming and painting soon.

Fw190A-3 – update 2

I masked and painted the inside of the canopy and a few other parts.

I think the canopy turned out quite nice.

I made some seat belts from masking tape and painted them.

I’ll do the shoulder belts once the cockpit is in place and I have checked where they’re fastened.
With the cockpit and wheel wells done it was quite easy to assemble the plane.

Fairly easy and quick build so far! I have seams to check and a few more parts to paint and then I can start painting the plane.

Fw190A-3 – Tamiya 1/48

When I got home last sunday the internet was down, which was annoying as it lasted for three days.
One way to pass time is of course to build models and with nothing to do on my computer I could spend more time building models.

As I’m thinking of doing a small dio with the Citroen and figures I bought a while ago, I started building this plane to be part of the dio.

It’s a nice little kit and I got quite far before even taking any pics.

As the cockpit is inserted from the underside, I could glue the fuselage.
The inside of the fuselage, wheel wells, cockpit and landing gear is painted and only need some detailing.

New arrival 10th of August 2023

I was away the last weekend on a weekend build meeting that we usally have once a year.
This was the second one this year which was very nice!
There on of the members had a bunch of models for sale and I managed to pick up three of them.

I also bought a package of 2 component clear cote and a bottle of flow improver at one of the local hobby shops.

Sd.kfz 222 – part 2

I added parts to the fenders and prepared a few other parts.

Some time later almost all parts was glued in place.

Soon time to get some paint on and also assemble the commander and paint him.

Sd.kfz 222 Leichter panzerspähwagen – Tamiya 1/35

I bought this kit in one of those nostalgic impulses I get when I see kits that I’ve built when I was young. As I’m participating in a WW2 group build and my Mustang just had got some putty on that needed to dry before I can sand it properly, I decided to have a go at this kit.

This is an older kit without PE that comes with the newer ones.

The build starts with the lower hull, and it didn’t take long before I had to use putty on this one as well.

So I just had to let that dry for a while.
Once dry I could continue the build. I mounted the frame and drive line parts, and prepared the wheels for assembly.

Then a while later the wheels was assembled.

I then started gluing parts to the upper hull and preparing parts to the gun.

Then the gun parts got some paint as I need the gun to be painted before proceeding.

Next will be assembly of the gun and getting it in place so the hull parts can be glued together.

25 pdr field gun and Quad gun tractor – Tamiya 1/35 – Final reveal

After doing some more weathering, I now consider this build finished!
It’s a fun kit to build with, for me, nostalgic memories from building it in my youth.
The age of the kit also tells in some places were burr was quite evident. Otherwise this kit goes together quite nicely. If I can find the set with gun and crew, I’ll build that as well!

Anyway, withouth further ado, here’s the final reveal pics! 🙂

25 pdr gun and tractor – update 5

All bags, tools and stuff got painted.

With that done, I finished the assembly of the truck by adding glass and decals. Tractor, gun and ammo cart is now done, at least this is how far I got before the end of the deadline.

Left to do is some weathering, and I did some before I took pics for the group build final reveal.

I have done some additional weathering, and will take new pics once I’m done.

25 pdr gun and gun tractor – part 4

The engine and drive shafts was glued in place as well as wheels and axles.

With the interior painted, I could glue the seats in place as well as the driver. I had to break off one arm to be able to get him in place.

Luckily I dry fitted the body on the interior. Turns out his right foot was in the way. After some adjusting and breaking off his arm again, I finally got him in place.
I can’t say the fit of the figure was very good. His feet is too wide apart and doesn’t fit the pedals at all. Luckily not much of his legs and feet will be seen.

Now almost everything is ready for final assembly.

I need to paint the inside of the doors, add windows, paint a few more details, and give it all a clear cote. Then I can assemble it and start adding decals and hopefully some weathering before the deadline.