Ork trukk – part 2

I did some more work and added the missing parts. Then I used thinned out pale sand to give tires and a few other spots a sandy look. Trying to make it look like sand had collected in some places. I used a brush but perhaps I should have misted it on with the airbrush instead.
Anyway I think I’ll consider it done!

I’ll take some proper pics for the final reveal later.

Ork Trukk – Warhammer 40k – Games Workshop

As I’m already building a lot of orks, I thought this truck or trukk could be a nice addition.

The chassie was fairly easy.

Next part of the build was the engine.

Not long after it was time for some black paint.

After painting the engine, tires and frame, I could start assembly a bit.

Then I painted some more parts in rust and different metal colour.

I think I achieved a nice rusty metallic feel to the whole vehicle.
Next some more parts was painted black.

Then it was time to assemble a bit more.

I had to build and test fit the two figures before I could paint them properly.

Some more painting done.

Close up on the figures!

I put the figures in place as well as the wrecking ball and the ramps.

Not much left to do! I need to sort the exhaust pipe as I wasn’t happy with how it looked and then there’s one more part to get in place. Looks like exhaust pipes of some kind but the instructions aren’t very clear on where they should go.

I think I’ll need to get the large pipe in place first and then try to figure the small pipes.
Once that is done I’ll start making the finishing touches by adding some dirt and touching up small mistakes.