P-47D final assembly part 1.

In attempt to solve the problem with the decals, I tried to use Pledge on a few of the stencils. It turned out quite well and I think I’ll use the same method for the rest of the decals.
Meanwhile i glued rocket launchers, bombs and rear wheel.

Bombs and stuff added
Bombs and stuff added

Shortly after I also added tank and landing gears.

Gears and tank added
Gears and tank added

There I left it to dry over night.

Next to do is the rest of the decals before I paint it all with Pledge, then antenna and gun barrels and a few glass pieces needs to go on as well.

P-47D decals part 2.

Now I finally have got all the decals and stencils in place!

Stencils in place
Stencils in place

The decals sure needs some work to sit properly, but with the stencils I might have found a method that might work. As they seems to look in place when wet, I used some Pledge and laid a thin cote with brush on a few stencils. Have to see how that turns out when dry.
No return from that method though!

Gears, covers, bombs, and rockets sorted and some made ready to paint.

Landing gears and other stuff assembled
Landing gears and other stuff assembled.

Then I painted the outside of the covers, bombs and rockets.

Bombs, rockets and covers painted
Bombs, rockets and covers painted

Next will be to get the decals to sit, make brake lines for the landing gears and then do some final assembly.

P-47 Decals part 1

The original decals to this kit isn’t the easiest I’ve worked with. Even on relatively flat surfaces it’s hard to get them to confirm properly, and even with decal fluids it doesn’t seem to work as I want. I just might need to live with silvering in some areas.
Also I need to buy stronger decal fluids, but that won’t help on this one I guess as I won’t get them fast enough.

All large decals on.
All large decals on

So far I’ve done all the major decals and left to do is all the stencils, and normally stencils have a tedency to silver. I just have to see how it turns out with these.

I also must check that I have all other things ready for assembly later.