Tarot deck unboxing and first impressions.

I went to our annually book sale to buy a few books for my girlfriend. Found a few and was about to pay and leave when my eyes caught this box with a tarot deck, book and cloth. Somehow I was drawn to it, so I picked one box up and bought that too.

Tarot deck box.
Tarot deck box!

Inside the box it was a deck, a book and a blue cloth.


The cards looks very nice!

The deck is the old Visconti-Sforza deck which is supposed to be one of the oldest existing tarot decks. From the beginning they were hand painted, which only was something the very rich could afford. Members of the Visconti-Sforza family is represented in the beautiful pics on the cards.

The suits don’t have any symbolic pics as on some tarot decks, which makes it a bit harder to interpret them without knowing them by heart or having a book.

The cards are very large and high, which in my opinion makes them hard to shuffle, at least in Las Vegas style. So a bit hard to handle, but I do like them and will work with them, when I feel like using them. They were calling to in the shop for a reason! 🙂

I did a card draw for a facebook group I’m in and the cards seem to fit perfectly with the group. That’s cool! 🙂