Adeptus Titanicus – Warhound Scout Titan – Easter build

On Facebook there was this easter blitz group build that I participated in. It started on thursday at 18:00 local time and ended on monday at 12 PM local time. The subject was to build one kit during the alloted time.
I choose to build this Warhammer 40k Scout Titan.

Warhound scout titans box

There’s parts to build two in the box, but I opted to build just one, as I wasn’t sure I would make it in time otherwise.
I started with the legs and feet.

The build started

The feet are different and I had to check the stance before glueing them in place. I built upper body and removed and prepared the armour plates.

Feet glued and parts prepared

I glued both available heads. Will choose the one that matches the plates I’ve choosen.

Both heads

In the box there’s four different weapons to choose from. I built all four. There’s actually two of each which gives a few options.

Four different guns

The small 5 mm magnets seemed to fit perfectly.

Magnets added

Once all parts was prepared and ready, they got a cote of black.

Parts primed black

Then the guns, legs and body got a cote of Vallejo black metal.

Black metal painted

Then the other parts got a cote of grey. Trying to paint from the top and down in a zenithal highlight manner.

Grey primer

Then I painted white primer from above, or at least trying to keep an angel as if from above.

White highlight

I did the same with the metal parts and painted a lighter metal colour from above. Once dry I dry brushed with a even lighter metal colour.

Metal highlight painted

The upper armour plates got yellow paint. First a litte darker yellow, building up to a brighter colour.

Top armour painted yellow

Then the plates was glued in place, I also painted the gun plates by hand and the toes got red paint.

Body assembled and guns painted

The leg plates got painted purple and the heads was painted red.

Leg plates painted purple and heads red

At this point it was not much time left of the group build, and I had to hurry a bit to be done.
Everything was assembled, and I painted some trim with black and some with gold.

I did some more painting before the deadline, and here’s how far I got with about 15 minutes left of the time.

Finished build
Rear side

I’m quite happy with how far I got during the weekend, considering all family related easter activities and other stuff taking away from the build time. I don’t want to have it any other way as family goes first.

I’ve alrady started to touch up and add details that I didn’t have time to paint before the deadline. I might also add a few decals and I also need to sort the base.
I think next update will be in the finished builds section.