Håkan’s Tarot

Do you find yourself laying awake at night wishing you had answers? Do you want to make the right decisions for your best life, find a career you love, or a partner who will cherish you? Tarot can help you. Using my proven process, I can guide you to the answers you need for the life you want.

I offer two kind of readings. The first is a 3 card reading answering one question of interest. Usually this will take the form of the question being split into three connected questions, like the past (what lead to this situation?), the present (what do you need to know about your current situation) and the future (What will the future bring following your current path?) to help you clarify what you need to do or know.
If needed I’ll also draw a card for clarification. This could be either a tarot or oracle card, depending of what seems to fit the question best.

The second reading goes a little bit deeper, reading different options or aspects of the given question. A larger spread like the Celtic cross might be used or any other spread I see fit that will benefit the question and questioner. Even here a card for clarification on some aspect might be drawn if the need should arise.

Prices and where to book a reading.

The three card reading takes about 30 min and for that I charge $66.60
You can book that reading here.
The larger reading takes between 30-60 min and costs $99.90
You can book that reading here

What I do and what to expect.

I use my intuition and assistance from my spiritual guides when I read your cards. My readings are a kind of advice to help you move forward in an empowering way. I am not a psychic or medium. I will help you create the powerful questions needed to bring about your best reading.

How it works

My readings will be done by zoom or other preferred platform and are booked in my booking calendar here. Meaning you fill in the form with name and mail address and your question. Then you book a time in the calendar and make the required payment for the reading that you want. A confirmation mail will then be sent to you, and I will do the reading at the booked time. I might contact you with any questions where I need clarification or perhaps help you reformulate your question. This can also be done during the reading if needed. The reading will also be recorded and sent to you for review later at your leisure.

How to ask good questions.

How to get the answer you need. To get the best result out of a reading, the question needs to be open ended and begin with WHAT, HOW, or WHY. Your best results come when you know what action to take to bring about the result you want in your life.

An example could be, instead of asking “Will I be rich?”, you can ask “What action can I take to attract more money?

”You will want to avoid any YES or NO questions. Here’s why.

Your future isn’t cut in stone. You actually have an incredible amount of power to make change in your life and bring your dreams to reality. The universe awards inspired action, so when you partner by asking WHAT, HOW, or WHY you will receive an answer that you can act upon right away. The cards and I are actually here to guide you to what will make your life work now.

Who are you?

You have a problem that needs to be solved and are finding yourself at a crossroads. You are seeking guidance for what to do with your life and you care deeply about creating the best life possible for you and for those around you. You view your life as a spiritual journey and are seeking clarity to move forward.

How to book:

My booking site