Håkan’s Tarot

Do you have a problem with deciding what to do next in your life, find a suitable career or a life partner, or any other question regarding things in your life, then letting me help you decide with the help of my tarot cards and intuition, couldbe something you want to do.

I offer three kind of readings. The first is a simple 1-3 card reading answering one question of interest. The number of cards depend on the question and if I feel the need to get clarification on a previous card, or the cards could represent the past, present and the future.

The second reading goes a little bit deeper, reading different options or aspects of the given question. A larger spread like the Celtic cross might be used or any other spread I see fit that will benefit the question and questioner.

The third and most advanced reading will deal with several aspects of your life, like career, partnership, health, spirituality and money. The reading will require one or more cards for each category.

What I do and what to expect.

First of all I want to make clear that I’m not a psychic or a medium, and can not predict the future in that sense. I use and trust my intuition when I read cards and see my readings as a kind of advice in order to help my clients to move forward in an empowering way. I will also help you, if needed to refrase questions to more open ended and powerful questions. In general, “yes or no”, “this or that” or “when” questions should be avoided. Preferred questions will answer what, why and how.

How it works

Most readings will be done by mail and are booked in my booking calendar here. Meaning you fill in the form with name and mail address and your question. Then you book a time in the calendar and make the required payment for the reading that you want. A confirmation mail will then be sent to you, and I will do the reading as soon as possible, usually within 48 hours. I might contact you with any questions where I need clarification or perhaps help you reformulate your question. As soon as I get your reply I can start doing the reading for you.

How to ask good questions.

To get the best result out of a reading, the question should be open ended, and a good way to start a question is by asking “what….?” “how….?” or “why…?”. An example could be, instead of asking “will I be rich?, you can ask “What action can I take to attract more money?, thus giving you an answer you can take action on.
The “worst” questions are yes or no, or this or that? The reason is that the future isn’t cut in stone, and if you’re asking if you’re gonna get a red or a blue car, the Universe couldn’t care less, as those choices are up to you. What can be done is to ask “How will this alternative feel? Ask that for all alternatives and let the cards guide you to what might be the best option.

Who are you?

I think you’re on a spiritual journey, wether you’ve just started or been on it for quite a while doesn’t matter. I also think we all can end up with problems that needs to be solved or we reach a fork in our path ahead, and even if we’re told to trust our intuition, we still can need that nugde to get ahead. There’s where I think tarot cards can help getting the clarity we need to move forward.

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