Reading for the New Year week, 28th to 3d of januari 2021.

This week I’m letting the Goddesses tell what the end of this year and the start of the next will bring.

The cards for new years week.
The cards for new years week

Monday to wednesday.

The first card for this week is Gaia, mother Earth and it says “Being grounded, slowing down, and remaining present in your body is the message that the Greek goddess Gaia haas for you right now. Perhaps you’ve spent too much time in your head lately and have taken as good care of yourself as you would have liked. Get into a rhythm, make sure you get enough sleep, commit to spending more time in nature, and eat sustainably with conscious awareness. Gaia, the earth, mother of all life, invites you to pay attention to your body for you are a creature of the earth as well as spirit.
You are part of this living earth, which is the foundation for all of life that has physical form. What form does your life take? This is the perfect time to take a closer look to ensure you’re happy with it. You’re also asked to examine the foundation of what you are building now. Does it feel solid and stable? Now is the perfect time to focus on stability and security, ensuring you move forward in a grounded way.
The goddes Gaia reminds you that the earth is the playground for conscious manifestation, so be respectful of this truth.

New years eve and new years day.

The second card is the Goddess Kali, Liberation, reversed and it says “When resentment and anger fester below the surface, the unprossed emotions simmer until they boil over. It’s eay to project anger, envy, and ancient inherited rage on others we percieve as the source of or discontent. When something triggers these emotions, we can project onto strangers as well as the people closest to us. Nobody wins when such pain is unleashed in the world.
Take heart, for you are not alone. Know that rage and fury must have a place to be expressed, and you can use this energy to make something extraordinary and find a new way. The fierce liberation goddess Kali offers her daggers to help you cut the ties to stories you tell about your past once you have expressed and processed them. No matter what your conditions, your alignment task is to find a way to channel this rage, this anger, these feelings into creativity. Make something of it, of yourself, so you don’t create destruction just because you can.
Be willing to be teachable even if it feels uncomfortable. When you know more, you can do better. Be willing to take full accountability for the energy you bring to the world. Kali knows the fierce dark love she brings you will not always be comfortable, anad the process of transformation requires rigorous self-honesty. You have what it takes; now make something meaningful and be someone you’re proud of.

The weekend.

The last card for this new years week is Mnemosyne, the Past, reversed and it says “Our stories can hold us hostage to a past that no longer serves us. The goddess of memories, Mnemosyne, reminds you that running away from painful memories and pretending that wrongs haven’t been commited does nothing to help you truly find meaning and purpose. Your alignment task is to stop and take inventory of the past and the stories that keep you tied to it and defined by it. She calls you to be rigorously honest about the areas in your life where you have been wounded as well as where you may have wounded others. Dig deep to uncover your unconscious biases and triggers. Know that it may be a messy experience as you surrender to the truth that you can’t control the outcome or other people’s reactions when you are ready to make real shifts.
The world is changing, and to be part of its glorious unfolding you are being invited to do this deep work. Miracles are waiting for you once you seet yourself free and allow your memories of the past to lead you to the truth. Transformation comes with a price. Leaving some of your old self behind isn’t easy, but is necessary to become the one you have been waiting for. You will rise up from this mess, and only beauty and strength will remain.


Interesting cards for the end of this year and the beginning of the next! Gaia reminds us to slow down as we so long wanted this year to be over. If we don’t slow down we will continue with the same speed into the next year. We might not want that! We also need to take care of our selves. Good health is a good basis to resist most diseases.
In the middle of the week, which is when the shift from this year to the so longed after next year, we are told to channel our anger into something good, instead of just letting it out.
And later in the week we’re reminded to let go of the stories that no longer serves us! What a good beginning of a new year were we anew. The world is indeed changing, and we have the opportunity to make it a good one!

Are there things you can do to improve your health and fitness?
What can you do to transform your anger into something good?
What stories are you holding on to?

With this reading I’m wishing you all a Happy New Year! 🙂

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