Reading for week 12, 22nd to 28th of march 2021

This week I’ve choosen to work with the Magick Path deck, and here are the cards i got.

Cards for week 12
Cards for week 12

Monday to wednesday.

The first card for this week is “Present” and it says “Magick unfolds Here & Now! This is the only instant that counts and that is eternal. Enjoy it!” Be present in the now! The past is gone and the future is unknown. I think this card tells us to focus on what we’re doing right now and that we need to be in the present moment. Enjoy what’s unfolding!

Thursday and friday.

The second card is “Path” and it says “This is part of Your Soul Path. Spirit is gently moving You forward.” We are being guided forward by Spirit, how beautiful isn’t that? There is a path to follow, and we will get help to walk that path, we just need to look for the signs that we are given by Spirit and the Universe.

The weekend.

The last card for this week is “Inspiration” reversed, and the card says “Images, Sounds, Words, Flavors, Scents, People, Animals, Plants … ALL that surrounds You magickally inspires You!” All those things are here to get inpiration from, but perhaps we’re missing out on it somehow. I think this is what Spirit is guiding us to, so use this opportunity to get inpired of what you see and feel!


By staying in the present and following the path we’re guided to we can get the inspiration we need to proceed with our dreams. Spring is coming and much is happening in our beautiful nature. Many things to get inpired by. Let inpiration flow in the now!

What can you do to stay present?
Are you listening to the guidance the Universe gives you?
What inpires you?

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