Reading for week 8, 22d to 28th of february 2021.

This reading ends the month of february, and already two months have passed this new year. I feel more than ever, that trusting your intuition is important in this times, and what could be better than a little female energy to support that. So this time I’ve asked the goddesses for advice for this week, and here are the cards I drawn.

Cards for week 8
Cards for week 8

Monday to wednesday.

The first card for this week is “Yuki-Onna, Stillness” in alignment position. Some days you wake up frozen, stuck, and unable to move due to the effects of emotional denial and resistance to what is in front of you. Or maybe exhausted, spent from the emotional burden of your current situation. The winter goddess Yuki-Onna has come to help you move out of and past this experience into a healthier state of stillness.
When you are frozen, it’s the ego that is refusing to accept life on life’s terms, potentially causing you fear and depression. A particular situation or person may be causing you to see yourself as a victim. The godddess Yuki-Onna reminds you that this is but a temporary moment in the millions of moments of your life. The task she has for you is to answer one question: will you trust the Great Goddess in the universe to be your active partner in co-creating? If so, slow down and let all your troubles go, and you will see the miracles life has to offer you.

Thursday and friday.

The second card is “Hestia, Home” in alignment position. Are you surrounded by clutter in your home or work? Do you have objects or clothes that have negative stories attached to them? Every object hold energy and tells a specific story. The pants that don’t fit shame you; the gift from an ex-partner taunts you with disappointment or resentment; the books you will never read shout at you. Who needs this cacophony?
The goddess Hestia, who rules the hearth, offers you this alignment task: do a thorough house cleaning. Declutter and make space in your environment. Do the same for your mind too. Your mind mitght be cluttered with old stories that have no value for you now.
Walk away from situations you know you don’t belong in. Get rid of all of it. When you remove the superfluous distractions, it’s amazing how your intentions come together like magic. Make space for the miracles the godddess Hestia has in store for you. Yes, it takes work, but it’s worth it!

The weekend.

The last card for this week is “Danu, Assurance” The apperance of the Celtic goddess Danu, who gave birth to magic, portends the fulfillment of your desires and the fruition of your dreams. Whatever it is that you’re inquiring about, Danu gives her assurance that you’re in the process of becoming! Now is the time to trust whatever you have planted, planned, and worked toward is being lovingly birthed; all you need to do is stay with the flow of events and be ready for your next opportunity.
Everything has its perfect seasaon. Just as fallow ground carries the promise of new life that appears again in the spring, as if magically bidden from the invisible to the visible, Danu offers her promise of grounded assurance.


Time to slow down a bit, and let all troubles go, in the beginning of this week. Then it’s time to declutter your house, workplace or mind, or perhaps all of them. Even if we have our house in order it’s easy to collect thoughts that we perhaps shouldn’t be carrying around. Perhaps things that happened in the past that no longer serves you. And at the end of the week you just have to trust what you have already planned, will grow into fruition if you just give it time.

What can you do to declutter your house, workplace or mind?

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