Reading for week 9, 1st to 7th of march 2021.

First week of march, and I feel time is flying by. This week I’ve choosen the “Magick Path” deck by Silvia Camerini. So let’s see what it has to say for this week.

Cards for week 9
Cards for week 9

Monday to wednesday.

The first card is “Moon” and it says “Tune into Your Feminine Side; Your Moods and Your Cyclic Nature”. It’s when we connect with our feminine side that we get a deeper connection with our intuition. Our moods change with the phases of the moon and the season. And everything goes in cycles. We just need to trust what we feel at the moment is right, and let that guide us, follow our moods.

Thursday and friday.

The second card is “Clarity” and it says ” What You desire desires You. Become clear with it, enlighten it. When we become clear with what we desire in our life, the path also will become clearer. We will be guided towards that goal, step by step. Just keep in mind what your goal is, and the rest will follow.

The weekend.

The last card for this week is “Wisdom” reversed, and the card says “There is Sacred Wisdom within You. Listen to it and act according to it”. Now when we listened to our intuition and got clear with what we want, we need to listen to our inner wisdom and act on the things that lead us forward. Being reversed tells us that we might not always trust our inner wisdom and don’t always act upon what it tells us. This card tells us that we need to do just that, to get were we want and to be able to reach our goals.


Trusting our inner wisdom and connecting with our feminine side seems to be key this week. We all have our moods and cycles, just follow them. When we trust our intuition and take action accordingly, the universe will guide us right!

What are our desires?
What steps do we need to take?

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