Weekly oracle cards for w30 (20-26 2020)

This is a first timer, an oracle card reading for this week from the 20th to the 26th. I chose the Magical Unicorns deck by Doreen Virtue for this week. I shuffled, drew a card for monday to wednesday, shuffled and drew one for thursday and friday, and lastly same procedure for the weekend. Here are the cards that I got, asking the Universe and the Unicorns to guide us with cards for our highest good.

Week 30 reading
Week 30 reading

Monday to wednesday.

The first card I drew for this week was “Water”, it says to “drink more water and eat foods with water in them, such as fresh fruits and vegetables”. We all need water to sustain ourselves, and in the summer you also need to drink more water. Eating vegetables aslo helps keeping your energy levels up. Avoid eating sugar to get energy. Also swimming or taking a bath could be good and relaxing.

Thursday and friday.

The card for thursday and friday is “Love from your parents” and it says “no matter what, your mother and father love you as much as they can”. All of us have different relations with our parents. Some have very good and some maybe not so good. Remember that they made their decisions at the best of their knowledge and experience.

The weekend.

The last card is for the coming weekend and the card is “Just be yourself” and it says “you’re a great person – enjoy being yourself”. You don’t have to be someone else to please others. Trust your intuition and follow your heart, and just be yourself. You feel better about it and it helps get you closer to your goals.


Drinking water and taking care of your health is important and without your parents you wouldn’t be you and that is what the last cards tells you to be, just you and trust that your journey is right for you.

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