Weekly reading for w31 (27/7 – 02/08)

This week I chose the Rider Waite tarot deck, and I asked for guidance to help lay the cards that are giving us the message we need this coming week, starting today.

cards for week 31
Cards for week 31

Monday to wednesday

You’re pretty clear on your physical goal, but take care that you don’t burn yourself up trying to reach them. And if you don’t feel clear about your goals, take advice from friends or the Universe.

Thursday and friday

In the middle of the week you feel that you’re on the right path and you manage to balance things in your life to get the stability you want. The clearity you got earlier in the week helped you get in a better position. Don’t hunt social status though.

The weekend

The Magician is the one that is ready to make things manifest and have all the things he need to do so on his table. You know how to discern fantasy from reality and you should be ready to make things happen, so what’s holding you back? The fears are within, let go and let the magic happen.


The weeks might start out with a bit of struggle with yourself of where to go, but it gets clearer in the middle of the week and in the weekend you getting ready to manifest. You have the knowledge, just don’t let your fears hold you back.

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