Weekly reading for week 36, august 31 to september 6.

This week I choose to go with the Rider Waite deck. Asking the Universe for guidance what we need to know this week. These are the cards that I got.

Cards for week 36
Cards for week 36

Monday to wednesday.

“Death” reversed is the first card of the week, and death represents endings, meaning that there are things that needs to be finished and out of the way in order to prepare for something new. Finish projects or what ever it is that you need to finish. The card is reversed could mean that there’s some resistance to change or unability to move forward. Figure out what’s holding you back and finish those projects.

Thursday to friday.

“Ace of Swords” tells about a new beginning a new idea night take root, new freedom, mental clarity. Looks like a good possibility to start a new project as new ideas comes to surface.

The weekend.

“The Sun” is the last card for this week and ends the week on a high note. The Sun represents fun and success. This could mean a nice a weekend to just relax and have fun and it can also mean that this new idea is successful.


If we just can finish those projects and let go of procrastination, the week will turn out for the better with new ideas or projects and a nice weekend to end the week.

What are the things you need to finish? Are you afraid to finish them or what is holding you back? What are the fun things you can do to relax and have fun this coming weekend?
Just a few questions for you to think about. Enjoy the week!

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