Weekly reading for week 37, september 7 to 13

This week I’m going back to the origin of Tarot more or less and will use the Visconti-Sforza Golden Tarot deck. Those cards was originally hand painted and only something for the very rich. They’re beautiful to look at but their size makes them a little bit “hard” to work with. As usual I call on guidance from the Universe to help me draw the cards that is of most help for all who takes part in my reading.

Cards for week 37
Cards for week 37

Monday to wednesday.

The first card is “Nine of swords” and this card tells us that we might worry too much about things happening in the world and in our lives. We might have nightmares. Don’t take on other peoples problems or accuse yourself. Focusing mentally and go in underneath can help you overcome this. How can you relieve yourself from fear and anxiety?

Thursday to friday.

“Three of swords is the next card and even though it usually stands for heartbreak of some kind, this card is reversed and then it gets a lot more positive ring to it, as it’s talking about releasing pain, optimism and forgiveness. Maybe the problems of the previous card comes to an end and the pain is released.

The weekend.

When shuffling the cards for the weekend, two cards fell out and I got “Five of swords” and “Ace of swords, reversed”. The first card stands for conflict or someone trying to win at all cost, and you might feel betrayed, and the reversed Ace talks about lack of clarity or confusion. Looks like our thoughts are still haunting us, and we need to get clarity. How can you accomplish that?


This week seems to go in the sign of the swords, which means it has to do with intellect and thoughts. One interesting thing is that earlier the “Ten of Swords” have shown up several times. A card that usully means that we have taken on a large burden and might be on the brink of overwhelm, and this might cause the worry in the beginning of the week. Can we remove something from our to do list and lessen the burden, then maybe things will resolve themselves. What can you do to get clarity? Meditation and doing things to re-energize might help.

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