Weekly reading for week 39, september 21 to 27.

Lately I’ve felt connected to my feminine side, digging deep into my intuition, and this week I feel drawn to use the Goddess Power oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid. I love her decks and this one have beautiful illustrations made byJena DellaGrottaglia.
After connecting with the Universe, my guides and of course the Goddesses and my intuition I drew these cards for this week.

Cards for week 39
Cards for week 39

Monday to wednesday.

The first card for the week is “Freya” the Norse Goddess of war, and it says “Radical Acceptance”. She is a reminder that acceptance of defeat is not the end. She offers the gift of acceptance, the knowing that there is nothing to resist right now. Don’t take this world personally, and let the drama die out. There is clarity to be gained from this when you accept what is and move on.

Thursday and friday.

Next card is “Hecate” the Greek Goddess of cross-roads and in-between. In this case of who you have been and what you are becoming. Now is not the time for hasty action or stubbornness, but a fierce self-inventory. Bless the past and release all attachments to the stories that was. Who do you want to become? What kind of life are you prepared to live, and how will you wisely yield your power to co-create a new world beneficial for others and not just yourself? Say yes and step into the unknown and Hecate will guide you with her torch.

The weekend.

The last card is “Aine” and it says “Adaptability”, and adaptability is the power you need to rely on. “Who do you need to become in order to experience this lif you desire? What in you needs to shift so you can welcome this amazing abundance? Know that you have everything you need right now. You are aligned with the Celtic shapeshifter goddess Aine, who could move effortlessly between our world and the world of Faery. Her power of adaptability is sparkling within you. Magic is afoot.


This week connects beautifully with first letting go of what has been to stepping in to decisions on what to do and where to go and adapt to what you need to be or do. Take action! Be clear on what you want.

Can you pick up from what felt like a lost battle and get the clarity you need to move on?

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