Weekly reading for week 40, september 28 to october 4th.

The Magical Unicorns oracle deck has beautiful energies and I felt drawn to use this deck for this week. As usual I took a few deep breaths and asked the Universe for guidance, shuffled the cards and laid three cards for this week.

Cards for week 40.
Cards for week 40

Monday to wednesday.

The first card for this week says “One step at a time”. Lots of little steps make big dreams come true. All big goals can be split up in smaller goals or action steps, and if we do that we can make our way to our big goal, on step at a time. This way it might not feel overwhelming, but instead doable.

Thursday and friday.

This card says that it’s “Worth waiting for”. Your patience will be rewarded. Everything happens at the perfect time, and this is why you needed to waut. You had lessons to learn, and other people had to be ready as well. Now everything is set, and you’ll find that your prayers have been answered. All of your patience and hard work wil now be rewarded. Don’t settle for “good enough”, you deserve the best!

The weekend.

The last card for this week says “Love from your parents”. No matter what. your mother and father love you as much as they can. Maybe not always easy to see as we all express our love in different ways, and sometimes perhaps not at all. This card is telling you that your parents love you deep within even if they don’t always express it


The first two cards connects beautifully as when you take all those baby steps, with enough time and patience you will reach your goal. Everything just needs to align and your hard work will pay off. The weekend might be a good time to connect with your parents,or if they’re no longer here, take some time to remember them.

What are the steps you can take to reach your goal?
Can you make smaller goals and/or action steps to reach that bigger goal?
Can you be patient and keep your focus on your goal?
Do you have the relationship with your parents that you want? if not, what can you do?

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