Weekly reading for week 41, october 5th to 11th

This week I’m using the Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid. I pick the decks by intuition or what I feel feels right, this week I feel good about getting things done, so using the Good tarot felt like a good choice. After asking for guidance, I shuffled and drew three cards, and these are the cards for this week. This deck is slightly different as it’s not as much for predictions, but instead have affirmations for each card.

Cards for week 41
Cards for week 41

Monday to wednesday.

The card for the first part of this week is “3 of Water” and it stands for celebration, enjoying community, sharing, exuberance, team spirit, common goal and friendship. And one thing in the affirmation that comes with this card says “It is a time to remember we nust accept each other as we are, with both shadow and light within”.

Thursday to friday.

The next card is “Patience” and it’s one of the Major arcana cards talking about having patience or moderation. “This card reminds me that patience will bring me into recognition of and alignment to my purpose, All my needs are met even though I may not see it yet in the outer, visible world. The angels are looking out for me. Moderation in all things is required right now”.

The weekend.

The card for the weekend is “Ace of Water”, and alll aces talks about new beginnings, and this on also talks about unconditional love, overflowing abundance, the fertility of love.
“I am filled with love from Spirit and joyously let it flow out to others, where it fertilizes the seeds of co-creation”.


The week starts out with celebration of what we have accomplished, and sharing with the community. We’re not doing this alone. We’re also reminded to be patient and not rush things, which sometimes can be hard as we live in a world were we expect things to happen now. Moderation seems to be the key here. Co-creation also seems to be a theme this week, and when we let our love flow into our community we help create together.

What progress are you celebrating this week?
Can you be patient enough to believe things are coming before they manifest?
What can you do to help co-create within your community?

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