Weekly reading for week 42, october 12th to 18th

This week I attuned to the ArchAngel Gabriel oracle deck. AA Gabriel is supportive of all writers, artists and creatives of all sorts. Feeling a need for a crative push I asked for guidance and drew these cards.

Card for week 42
Card for week 42

Monday to wednesday.

The first card for this week is “Let Go” and it says “Release the desire to control the situation, and leave it up to God’s infinite wisdom to resolve everything beautifully.” This is sometimes the hardest thing to do as we’re brought up with the need for having control, and we want to see before we believe. There are lots of things to let go of, like your fears about your work, let go of a job that’s taking all of your time, let go and let God be in charge. Let go of whatever you need to let go of.

Thursday to friday.

“Pay attention to your dreams” says the next card, and explains ” You are recieving Divine guidance while you sleep. Even if you don’t remember your dreams, the answers are in your unconscious mind, where they appear in order to help you.” Creative ideas will come to you in your dreams or perhaps when you’re doing things like dish washing. Right now there’s a flow of creative ideas, so have your notebook and pen close.

The weekend:

The card for the coming weekend is “Motivation” and it says “Pray for guidance as how to increase your enthusiasm for, and focus on, this project.” With all the ideas coming in it’s important to not go into overwhelm by trying to do them all at once. Focus on breaking down what you want to do into smaller steps and ask for guidance if you need help doing that. Don’t worry about future steps as you can’t do anything about them now. Focusing one the tasks at hand will increase your motivation.


The cards for this week connects beautifully, starting by letting go and leaving it up to the Universe, then the ideas will come flowing, and in order to get them done, you need to focus at one step or task at the time. Ask for guidance if needed.

What do you need to let go of this week?
Do you listen to your dreams?
What can you do to keep up motivation?

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