Weekly reading for week 44, 26th of october to 1st of november.

This week I’m using the Goddess Power oracle deck, which has a beautiful feminine energy, that I like to work with. Here are the cards I got for this week.

Cards for week 44
Cards for week 44

Monday to wednesday.

The first card for this week is “Athena” who stands for knowledge. Knowledge is power, and you are in a perfect position to gain greater clarity at this time. Your hard work is paying off, and everything you have learned about life has brought you to this moment in time. Your knowledge, logical choices, and intentions are aligned with Divine Will. Your intellect is keen, your mind is clear. You don’t have to question or debate it. You can take things at face value. If you think it adds up, that’s because it does! Have courage, my love; your most precious dreams are within reach. The goddess Athena will help!

Thursday and friday.

The second card is “Iris” and it says communication. Clarity in communication is called for as your words will have great impact on others right now. It’s a wonderful time to start writing that book, telling new stories, and sharing your experiences, strenght and hope with others. You have everyone’s ear, so choose your message wisely. Others will also desire positive and fruitful communication with you, so get ready for some amazing new opportunities to come from these discussions. Just remember to stay open and be clear about expressing your deepest desires, always speaking with integrity, kindness and respect for yourself and others. The Greek messenger goddess Iris is thrilled to help your words take flight. Communication improves in all your relationships when she comes to visit,
Most important, however, Iris reminds you of the communication you have with the universe. You are in a mutual dialogue, and now is the time to pay attention to the signs and omens in your life. Trust this important yet subtle communication. It will never lead you astray when you listen and act accordingly.

The weekend.

The last card for this week is “Aine” and it says Adaptability. When you’ve set your intentions for how your life could be different – better, fuller, juicier, prosperous, creative, more meaningful, etc. – adaptability is the power you’ll need to rely on. The old familiar you, the one who is used to your comfort zone, is now invited to dance i uncharted territory. The questions to ask yourself sd you step into the unknown are “Who do I need to become in order to experience the life I desire? What in me needs to shift so I can welcome this amazing abundance?
Know you have everything you need right now. You are aligned with the Celtic shapeshifter goddess Aine, who could move effortlessly between our world and the world of Faery. Her power of adoptability is sparkling within you. Magic is afoot.


The goddesses seems to work together to make a beautiful week, telling that you already know what you need to know and do. You are on the right path. Just be aware of what you say when you communicate with people. Right now is optimal times for communication, and when as is set to go, all you need to do is to adopt to the new life you’re creating.

What do you want to communicate this week?
What stories do you want to tell?

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