Weekly reading for week 45, 2nd of november to the 8th.

This week I choose my Rider-Waite deck, which haas been with me for many years, more or less from the start actually. And here are the cards for this week.

Cards for week 45
Cards for week 45

Monday to wednesday.

The first card is “Page of pentacles” reversed. In it’s reversed form it talks about lack of progress and planning, and short-term focus. The Page usually looks ahead, into the future, but without good plans and goals it’s hard to manifest. Usually he also dares to takes risks, but maybe this is not the time.

Thursday to friday.

The second card is “Four of wands” reversed. There might be a breakdown in communication or a transition. Being too egocentric might not be good. Do what you can to be a good communicator.

The weekend.

The last card is”Four of pentacles”and this card is about having control over your economy and possesions. There’s a need for safety that needs to be satisfied. Avoid being too conservative. There’s a clarity of your material goals. So maybe here the clarity you lacked in the beginning of the week comes.


This week starts out with two reversed cards, changing the meaning of them a bit. A reversed card can also mean that, what the cards are telling, is something you need to deal with internally, instead of something external happening. The fours is all about having structure, endurance and discipline enough to reach the goals you want. The Page is usually investing in himself.

What plans are you lacking?
What can you do to improve communication?

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