Weekly reading for week 46, 9th to 14th of november.

This week I choose the Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid. As most times is just a hunch which deck I’ll choose. Trying to practice my intuition as much as I can.
Here’s the cards for this week.

Cards for week 46
Cards for week 46

Monday to wednesday.

The first card is “Queen of fire” talks about creative collaborations, soul connections, passion inspired by Spirit, artist.
“I am capable of strong friendships that inpire me and encourage me to express myselfd in my own way.
I co-create with others, dedicated to a vision of achieving the highest good of all.
How might I join in the dance of co-creation, letting Spirit flow through me and inspire me to express my passions?”

Thursday and friday.

The second card is “7 of earth” and it talks about opening to a new strategy, being at a crossroads, a decision to be made.
“As I reflect on ny progress to date and see where I stand, I contemplate whether I want to continue singing the same song or change my tune.
I am always free to go back to and reimagine what I might co-create. If what I manifested does not serve me as I thought it might, I don’t have to be afraid to admit it is no longer for me. Whatever I choose to do, I am not afraid to start over, for I feel assured that Spirit will always support my highest good.”

The weekend:

The last card is “8 of Air” saying release from denial, seeing things as they are, clarity.
“With Spirit at my side encouraging me, I open my eyes to see things as they really are. To be dis-illusioned is to free myself from illusions that keep me from growth and healing I deserve, so I bid good-bye to illusions that have clouded my vision.
Honesty gives me strength and courage to face whatever I have to face.”


The week starts out with collaboration and co-creation with friends, and in the mid of the week you might have to make a decision on if you wanna continue with what you do or choose another path. Then it might help to have the illusion lifted and get a clear vison on what to do.

What can you co-create with others?
What illusions do you need to see through?

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