Weekly reading for week 49, 30th to 6th of december

Connecting beautifully with the energies of the end of november and the beginning of december I choose the Magick Path by Silvia Camerini. Here’s what the following seven days has to say.

Cards for week 49
Cards for week 49

Monday to wednesday, or the first 3 days.

The first card is “Power” reversed and it says “Hold the scepter of Your Motherhood! Awaken the Queen within You, You are the Sovereign”. You have the means to your own power within yourself, you just need to awaken it.

Thursday to friday, or the following 2 days.

The second card is “Journey” and it says “Walking down Your Maternity Path consider that this is an ever evolving Journey”. This might be the start of a new journey on the creative path to give birth to new ideas. In reality the journey never ends, it just changes and evolves!

Saturday and sunday, or the last 2 days of a 7 day period.

The last card is “Miracle” and it says “You are a Miracle that makes Miracles in a Miraculous World. Awaken to Miracles! Everything in this world are small miracles, but we doesn’t always pay attention and just take them for granted. You are both the Miracle and the creator of miracles if you only allow them to happen.


We need to be aware of our power we all have within, the power that will take us on a creative journey, creating small miracles of new ideas, giving birth to new wonderful things.

Let your inner guidance shine!

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