Weekly reading for week 50 7th to 13th of december.

This week I choose to work with the Goddess Power oracle deck, or perhaps it choose me.
I also just interviewed the deck and it gave me some both interesting and beautiful answers. They use to talk about female intution, and yes intuition is a female energy, not saying a guy can’t connect to his feminine side and his intuition. I’m trying to do that daily as it helps me and guides and others. Here’s the advice from the Goddesses this week.

Cards for week 50
Card for week 50

Monday to wednesday.

The first card is “Leizi – Revelation” and it says “There are moments when synchronicity brings all the elements together for a flash of insight to rise up in you in a glorious epiphany. Whatever was not clear becomes crystalline in an instant. It’s as if you are able to simultaneously percieve every facet in a diamond. You know without a doubt that you’re on the right track as deep understanding sinks into your very soul. In this moment change and transformation takes place, and a transcendent moment is offered to you as an extraordinary gift.
Now is one of those time. The Chinese goddess Leizi, mother of lightning, brings revelations into your life with a flash. She gifts you this as a result of all the hard work you have put into dismantling your old self and making space for who you want to become. This is a very auspicious time”.

Thursday and friday.

The second card is “Mama Qocha – Water” and it says “The world we inhabit began from the oceanic waters of life and the waters that surrounded us in the womb – both of which are the domain of the Incan goddess Mama Qucha. We are most attuned to the qualities of water as the elelment of water symbolically represents our emotions. Our emotions move us to make and percieve the world as we know it.
The beauty in this truth is found by observing water in all her properties and forms. Water is fluid and passes through cracks and flaws in hte ground without stress, moving around obstacles and patiently wearing away the most jagged rocks until they are smooth and gleaming. Water ebbs and flows, comes and goes in a powerful rhythmic motion as the seas and oceans reveal their promise of release and return. Water rises up from the ground and seeds the clouds, and then rains upon the earth to ensure growth and sustain life. Water turns to hard ice and blankets the world in a protective shell, even of soft snow, allowing the dormancy of life to herald a time of dreaming. Then the ice melts and the cycles begin again.
The answer to your question lies in determining what form of water reveals the conditions of your life and recognizing the next evolution of your life’s potential. If you’re in an ebb, you can expect a flow; if things are temporarily frozen, soon they will melt. If it seems that your world is too wet and temporary shelter is needed, you can expect new tgrowth and sunny days again. Mama Qocha reminds you that the waters of your life are perfect as they are now and just as perfect the way they will evolve. Unlimited potentioal is revealed when this goddess comes to visit”.

The weekend.

The last card is “Yuki Onna – Stillness” reversed or in this case it’s called alignment message, and it says “Some days you wake up frozen, stuck and unable to move due the effects of emotional denial and resistance to what is in front of you. Or maybe you are exhausted, spent from the emotional burden of your current situation. The winter goddess Yuki-Onna has come to help you move out of and past this experience into a healthier state of stillness.
When you are frozen, it’s the ego that is refusing to accept life on life’s terms, potentioally causing you fear and depression. A particular situation pr person may be causing you to see yourself as a victim. The goddess Yuki-Onna reminds you that this is but a temporary moment in the millions of moments of your life. The task she has for you is to answer one question: will you trust the Great Goddess in the universe to be your active partner in co-creating? If so, slow down and let all your troubles go, and you will see the miracles life has to offer you”.


I think this week is a good week to get both new ideas and then reflect on them to be able to transform. For that to happen we need to be in stillness and allow the goddesses and the univers to help us. Kinda fitting winter theme with this reading. Unfreezing might take some time, but will happen eventually. Thinking a little about Elsa in Frozen, who eventually learns how to control her powers.

What form of water are you now and which do you need to become?
Can you be in stillness to figure out what you need to do to “unfreeze” and move forward?

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