Weekly reading for week 51, 14th to 20th of december.

This week I felt drawn to us my new Magick path deck, and here are the cards for this week.

Cards for week 51
Cards for week 51

Monday to wednesday.

The first card for the week is “Guidance” reversed and it says “Your Intuitive Vision guides You towards Your True North, allow it to lead the way!” Trust your inner guidance as it will get you where you want. Perhaps is something distracting you. Much happening in the world right now that tends to lead us astray, or perhaps you listen too much to your head instead of your heart. Be confident that your inner guidance, your compass will lead you right!

Thursday and friday.

The second card is “Roots” reversed and it says “Stability comes from Your Roots. Go back to Your Origins and ground into their depths.” Maybe you feel like you’re loosing your stability somehow. Most often it is just a feeling, but could have other causes. Do things to ground yourself, like meditating, talking walks in the nature, feel the ground.

The weekend.

The last card for this week is “Purpose” reversed and it says “There is an “Aim of the Soul” in Your Pregnancy. You are bearing Your Creature for a specific Purpose.” Pregnancy ism’t neccessary literal. It can mean being “pregnant” with ideas or something you’re creating. Sometimes we can feel uncertain of our purpose or what we’re here to do. Don’t worry you’ll find your way, just relax and trust the Universe. You might not see it right now, but eventually it will show. Meanwhile enjoy the ride!


Three reversed cards and they all seem to connect as there seems to be a lack of guidance, roots and purpose, and one connects to the other. Trust the guidance and get back to your roots then the purpose also will find it’s way back.

What guidance do you seek?
How can you connect to your roots?
What can you do to find your purpose?

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