Weekly reading week 32 03/08 – 09/08

This week I chose the ArchAngel Gabriel oracle cards deck. After asking for guidance I laid out three cards. Here’s the cards I got.

Week 32 oracle cards
Week 32 oracle cards

Monday to wednesday.

The first card for this week is “Detox time”. The cards reminds us to avoid things that are bad for our health. As creatives it’s easy to fall prey to different sorts of addictions. We usually know how to keep good health and eat and drink what is good for our bodies. Ask for guidance and help if you need to keep on track.

Thursday to friday.

The next card is “Helping children” which could mean that your life purpose or part of it is to help children in some way. It can mean taking care but also inspire and help them to be happy and healthy. This also nurtures your own inner child. Trust this process, and enjoy sharing love with the children whom you’re meant to help.

The weekend.

“Success” is what the last card says, and it means that your hard work pays off, and you recieve the reward. It also means that you need to keep your faith and continue take small steps towrds your goal. Succes will come.


Looks like a good week where you start with some sort of detox of your life, then helping children in some loving way, and in the weekend you might reap the reward of your good work.

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