Weekly reading week 33 10/8 to 16/8

This week I felt like taking advice from the Goddesses, using the Goddess of Power oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid. These are the cards I got.

Week 33 oracle cards.
Week 33 oracle cards

Monday to wednesday.

Isis is the card for the first part of the week and the card says “Rebirth”. Things you thought was lost might be reclaimed and renewed, new hope if you felt hopeless, new faith if you feel you’ve lost it. “Have courage! Let go of blame, claim your accountability, and then co-create something better. You can do this! The Goddess Isis has come to help you as a potent supporter in your growth”.

Thursday and friday.

The second card is the Goddess Morrighan and says “Death and Magic”. This card sure seems to go hand in hand with the previous card as this card talks about letting go of old things so she can help you fill you with magic as you leave your fears behind and a new world will be born for you.

The weekend.

Sophia is the card for the weekend and it says “Divine Wisdom”. This cards talks about synchronicity. “When you least expect it, opportunities and meetings spring up as if out of nowhere. Your life begins to work out, and you sense your alignment with a higher purpose and power. Trust you are divenely protected and directed. Practice the act of faith before results; this is an essential key in co-creating your world”.


This sure looks like an interesting week that starts with rebirth of things you thought was lost and letting go of old things that is lost to you to give place for new magic that manifests in the end of the week in synchronious ways.

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