Weekly reading week 34 17 – 23 2020

This week I chose the Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid, which is a little different kind of deck as it mainly focuses on the positive aspect and is some way is supposed to be used as an oracle deck. In the book that comes with the deck there’s no reverse interpretations, and I also chose to use it that way, even though it can be used as a normal tarot deck.

I asked the Universe and my guardian angels for guidance for this reading and here are the cards I got.

Cards for week 34
Cards for week 34

Monday to wednesday

The Messenger of Earth is someone who is hard working and with great integrity. The card has the following affirmations. “I am in the flow, commited to co-creating with Spirit effectively and efficiently.” “I do my best and never leave a job half done.” I am dedicated and deternined, knowing my efforts will pay off.”

Thursday and friday.

The second card is the Moon which tells us to trust our intuition and that the Universe and Spirit are working in the invisible realm. Things that we don’t see but in the end gives us unexpected results as long as we trust the process of not always knowing what’s going to happen.

The weekend.

The last card for this week is the Ace of Water, and all aces usually talks about new beginnings, and this talks about unconditional love, overflowing abundance, the fertility of love, and has the following affirmation. “I am filled with love from Spirit and joyously let it flow to others, where it fertilizes the seeds of co-creation. Love gives me hope, shing brilliant light on all the possibilities available to me. I am optimistic about bringing dreams into being. Spirit always informs me and guides me, allowing me to illumine the darkest of olaces.


Do the things you need to go forward, finish your projects and trust the process of Spirits work behind the veil, will lead to a beautiful weekend with joy, love and overflowing abundance in sight. Trust your guidance!

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